January 2012

See About a Girl

Hollywood claims to do this in so many films, but they rarely really do it

When I decided to write a blog about the top 10 best cartoons for children that feature strong female leads, I was excited to do a bit of research about the topic. I have a six-year-old daughter and I would love to have more films in our collection for her to enjoy. But I suppose I shouldn’t have set my expectation so high; I was not able to more than five films.

The Unfair Portrayal of Boys in the Media

While girls aren't even in the movie to begin with, boys look like destructive little monsters

I have written often about my issues with the lack of women in the media—especially the lack of girls in children’s films. We often only see them as helpless princesses or smiling, pleasing best friends, and many of us are well aware of how most films fail a test as simple and easy to pass as the Bechdel Test.